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Hello,  I am Susan Higson a Foot Health Practitioner who undertook my training through Stonebridge College where I was awarded a diploma in Advanced Foot Health Care with a distinction.  I take my own professional development very seriously and I receive regular opportunities to further develop my knowledge and understanding of current developments in foot health.  

I am on the register for Foot Health Practitioners which is a non profit professional organisation for Foot Health Practitioners that makes the public aware the practitioner has been trained to a high standard.  As a member I must uphold their robust code of ethics and have the necessary skills and qualifications to practice competently and safely and I am fully insured.

I provide a highly professional, yet friendly service where hygiene, confidentiality and safety are crucial whilst providing treatment in the comfort and privacy of your own home.



Prior to becoming a foot health practitioner I worked in the education sector as a teacher having a B.Ed degree with Honours.  

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